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Велик tern

Tern has a great range of bikes from the top of the line Verge X20 for 00 to the Link C7 for 0.  They have folding bikes with 20" to 26" wheels, too, to make sure that you are comfortable on your ride.

Our favorites are:

Link D8 - Your every day travel companion, whether your trip is exclusively on two wheels or in combination with buses, trains, or automobiles.

Verge S11i - The dream commute bike, namely a light, fast bike with rack and fender fittings and the best hub gear on the market.  Oh, and a great paint job, too.

Check out the full range of bikes at ternbicycles.com.

Tern is awesome times ten thousand chocolate chip cookies.  Yeah, they are that good.

Why are they that good you may Аск?  They bring years of folding bike form and function to life in their collection. If you don't have a lot of space to store a bike or want to be able to easily travel with your bike, Tern makes a bike for you!

If you're curious what other people think of them, check out a few reviews:

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    2012 Wired Magazine - Tern P7I

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