Try Perl is a simple little cloud IDE I developed to learn perl myself. See the screenshot below.

Give it a go, try perl yourself. If you login with GitHub it stores scripts in your gists, if you don't wish to login it will store your scripts in an anonymous pool

Who built this? was built by me : Gideon Dsouza. My other favourite pastime is stackoverflow : profile for gideon at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers

What was this built with?

Title Description
Perl language This is project is built for Perl by Perl.
Dancer framework A wicked simple and powerful framework. Especially awesome for writing service oriented JS/Ajax based web apps.
Amazon Linux os An Amazon Linux Image which is pretty much Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
Amazon EC2 hosting Amazon's Cloud Infrastructure.
Apache HTTPD www That famous Open Source HTTP Server that everybody talks about ;)
Nginx www Reverse proxy server. I use this to dish out static files, and nicely so they're cached.
GitHub db I use GitHub pretty much like a backend for storing scripts.
Bootstrap html / css / js Twitter's CSS framework. For pages outside the IDE, like this one.
Sencha ExtJS js This is browser/frontend framework behind the gorgeous IDE UI :)

Where can I get Help?

Tweet to me maybe at : @thegiddygeek or email me at admin [at] tryperl [dot] com